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The CHG Story

Our journey began in 1975 as we set out to offer unique products of the highest quality and always treat our customers like family. We had a small mobile showroom stocked with products that we sold locally to florists and garden centers.

Ten years later, we had a staff of salespeople across the country, we were sourcing products from all over the world and as our company grew, so did the size of our vehicles. We were now showing our products out of larger motor homes.

After long admiring the design aesthetic and originality of Global Pottery, we acquired them in 2009 to continue our expansion and selection of unique products.

By 2015, we rebranded ourselves as Classic Home & Garden (CHG) to better reflect who we are and where we’re going. We expanded into resin to mimic the natural materials, enabling us to offer interesting designs more cost-effectively. We moved into our current much larger location – one without wheels – where we continue to innovate materials, evolve designs and maintain our promise of always making our customers feel at home.

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