Poly Resin

Our most affordable planters are versatile and durable. With dozens of options available, recycled finishes are the most cost-effective. Multi-step finishes bring the material to life with infinite low-cost options.


Significantly more substantial than Poly Resin, our EverCast® planters have the look and feel of ceramic or stone without the weight and risk of breakage.


With the look and feel of concrete, our EcoCast® planters are one-third the weight and cost of concrete. Made from a combination of silicone, polypropylene and wood, EcoCast® is UV treated and weather resistant for long-lasting quality.


A combination of composite clay and fiberglass, the result is an extremely solid material with a rigidity similar to plywood. Because it’s lightweight, Fiberclay is easy to move and it also happens to be environmentally friendly.


Created from natural volcanic rock, Lavastone® is known for its durability – it can withstand high temperatures. It’s also versatile with finish options in many colors. As a naturally occurring resource, it is environmentally friendly and because it’s so indestructible, waste is reduced.


We also offer a full line of wood such as acacia, naturals such as coco baskets, metal such as tin planters, along with cement, ceramic, and garden decor.