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  • Durability: High density resin construction is lightweight yet durable and resistant to cracking.

  • Water Saving: Eco-friendly water saving features reduce the frequency of watering.

  • Pre-drilled Planters We do the leg work for you! Look for this icon for planters that already have drainage.

  • Weather Resistant: We do the leg work for you! Look for this icon for planters that already have

  • A special slot that locks plant tags securely in place.

Our nimble size allows us to innovate in ways bigger companies simply can’t. And we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.

Innovative Products

Self-Watering Planters

Our patented self-watering reservoir lets your plants feed from the roots up. Using capillary action, plants absorb the precise amount of water needed. This protects roots against overwatering while helping them to maintain rigorous growth and structure.

Add Water
Capillary Action

Draws water into soil

Water Reservoir

Water Retention
Easy-Fill Liner

Coco Folds over top

Water-Saving Coco Hanging Baskets

This superior design keeps soil from getting between the liner and the coco fiber. The heat-sealed liner provides exceptional water retention making it an eco-friendly planter that reduces watering frequency.

Trend-Setting Finishes

CHG was the first to bring decorative plastic to the marketplace with innovative reactive finishes. Our trend-forward approach to product development and design is often based on partner collaboration.

Whether it’s stone, metal, wood, ceramic, sprayed or brushed finishes, we’ve got a hand in them all. CHG uses the highest quality materials and top of the line techniques to bring our classic styled planters to life. Interested in a specific finish? From metallics to naturals, we can customize your vision. Contact us and we’ll make it happen.



Drop-in Pot

Water Retention

Easy As 1-2-3® Planters

A specially designed planter with a multipurpose elevated riser, our Easy As 1-2-3™ planters are complete with self-watering and soil-saver features. These planters are available in three sizes to accommodate 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch containers. One of our customers, Home Depot, offers these sizes with their Drop-N-Decorate™ plants.

Style and Substance

The Best of Both Worlds

Our CHG team has a knack for spotting design trends while also reaching into the past for inspiration. Our designers work tirelessly to infuse a modern spin to classic elements. We have been around long enough to be rooted in tradition but always with an eager vision for the future.

Our Favorite Materials

Poly Resin

Our most affordable planters are versatile and durable. With dozens of options available, recycled finishes are the most cost-effective. Reactive finishes bring the material to life with infinite low-cost options.


Significantly more substantial than Poly Resin, our EverCast® planters have the look and feel of ceramic or stone without the weight and risk of breakage..


With the look and feel of concrete, our EcoCast® planters are one-third the weight and cost of concrete. Made from a combination of silicone, polypropylene and wood, EcoCast® is UV treated and weather resistant.


A combination of composite clay and fiberglass, the result is an extremely solid material with a rigidity similar to plywood. Because it’s lightweight, Fiberclay is easy to move and it also happens to be environmentally friendly.


An innovative and versatile material made from a mixture of fiberglass and crushed stone, Fiberstone® provides all the benefits of fiberglass but offers a more solid and natural feel. Finishes can be rough and sandy or a lightly textured finish like concrete. It can be colored, natural or aged.


Created from natural volcanic rock, Lavastone® is known for its toughness – it can withstand high temperatures. It’s also versatile with finish options in many colors. As a naturally occurring resource, it is environmentally friendly and because it’s so indestructible, waste is reduced.

Naturals / Metal / Wood

We also offer a full line of wood, naturals such as coco baskets, metal such as tin planters and garden decor, cement and ceramic

Product Quality Control

CHG commitment to quality

CHG maintains the highest quality standards in all our products. Product testing is performed at every stage of the development and production process. Third parties monitor and audit for operations and social compliance. We stand behind our product and take pride in our track record of customer satisfaction. Our reviews say it all.

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